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Maintenance Technician

Location:Miami, FL
Employment Type:Full Time
Duties:1) Comply with 14 CFR (as applicable), manufacturers specifications, Company policy and procedures, and other methods accepted by the FAA, when accomplishing maintenance. Report any unacceptable methods or procedures discovered to DOM or CI.

2) Perform maintenance, preventative maintenance, repairs and alterations appropriate to the qualification, authorization and appropriate airman certificate per policies and procedures in subchapter 4-03 of manual.

3) Ensure aircraft is safe for flight (signed airworthiness release, all documentation reviewed, etc) per subchapters 7-01 & 7-05 of manual.

4) Communicate with Aircrew on all maintenance issues. Review pilot report discrepancies (PIREP), verify documentation for reportable incidents (such as Mechanical Interruptions, Service Difficulty Reports, ETOPS Significant Events, etc) in Aircraft Log Book. Forward all information to MC in most expeditious manner.

5) Review maintenance practices for cost savings, proper use of manpower and adequate equipment for task completion.

6) Understand and be familiar with policies and procedures within this manual. Also insure prior to
departure verify aircraft maintain the current revision of manual.

7) Notify MC, as soon as possible, when parts are removed from Fly-away Kits per procedures in subchapter 6-20 of manual.

8) Perform duties as a supervisor or individual directly in charge of maintenance (when no supervisor is available or as directed by DOM).

9) Exercise Buy Back authority, within the limitations of authority assigned, when supervising the accomplishment of work by an un-certificated or non-company individual(s).

10) Perform Receiving Inspector duties when qualified to do so in accordance with policies and procedures of sub-chapter 6-04 of this manual.

11) When assigned, fly with Company aircraft and perform all duties assigned to Maintenance Technician, keeping in complete contact with MC while away from assigned Base. Perform all maintenance assigned via Bill of Work (BW) and accomplish ETOPS Pre-departure Service Check in accordance with the Company ETOPS Maintenance Manual.

12) Act as On-site Maintenance Representative at heavy maintenance checks.

13) Perform other duties as assigned by Maintenance Supervisor and I or DOM.
Qualifications:1) Hoid a vaiid FAA Airframe and/or Powerplant certificate.

2) Must receive appiicable Company Maintenance training as per sub-chapter 5-03 of manual.

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